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Biological Applications Using CDSES Quantum DOTS

We prepared a new CdSeS quantum dots (QDs) and modified them by poly(maleic anhydride-alt- 1-tetradecene) (QDs-COOH). QDs-COOH were functionalized with folic acid conjugation by EDC/NHS (QDs-FA). QDs were also linked with MPG by electrostatic interactions (QDs-MPG). QDs were firstly modified with Dimethylamino propylamine (QDs-modified) and then using for delivering siRNA into cancer cells (QDs-siRNA). The obtained QDs-FA performed significant affinity and specificity to cancer cells. Moreover, the competitive experiment also verified QDs-FA enter cancer cells through folate-receptor mediated endocytosis pathway. The QDs-MPG particles exhibit high penetration and stable, rapid enter into living cells. QDs-siRNA were able to rapidly penetrate cell membranes and slowly disrupt endosomal organelles because of multivalent amine groups coated on them. We envision that this nanocarrier will enable new developments in cancer cells targeting, living cells entering and siRNA delivery. Index Terms- Quantum dots, Folic acid, Cell-penetrating peptide, siRNA delivery