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Development Of A Novel Radiation Shielding Material

The objective of this study is to develop a novel, non-toxic and inexpensive radiation shielding material that protects against neutrons, gamma and X-rays. Initially sodium pentaborate and barium sulfate were combined to form a novel shielding material. The novel shielding material was characterized by FT-IR, AAS, XRF, XRD techniques. In application studies; interior material of shelter, nuclear protective clothing, space shuttle and aircraft radiation shielding paints were produced. The neutron, gamma and X-ray attenuation coefficients (μ) of samples increased extremely in radiation tests due to novel shielding material’s effect. Eventually, in comparison with current lead shielding material; novel radiation shielding material is 136 times less expensive, non-toxic and effective against neutrons, gamma and X-rays. Keywords— Novel radiation shielding material, FT-IR, AAS, XRD, XRF, radiation shielding, neutron, gamma and X-ray, lead.