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Cyber Security, Tools And Methods Of Cyber Threats, Dimension Of Cyber Threats At The Present Time And Cyber Armies

At the present time it’s hard to black out our secret informations because of the developing technology. Nowadays getting access to secret information is so easier than the past by the way of cyber attacks. People can damage the systems with little energy and effort. As a result of these causes, conception of cyber security has occurred in the world. Cyber security can be made personal or corporate. Especially after the cyber attacks started to target to critical platforms, governments started to take care about cyber security more than before. So cyber security and it’s technics started to grow faster. In this article, we are going to mention about what is cyber security, which technics and methods are used in cyber attacks and what should be made for cyber security. Keywords— Cyber security, cyber space, information systems, Stuxnet, cyber army.