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Anti-Lodging Effects Of Yucaizol On Vigina Anagularisunder Plant Factory Growth Condition

Brassinosteriods (BRs) are important plant growth hormones playing pivotal role in controlling gene expression during plant growth and development. Although the functions of BRs in Arabidopsis and rice have been elucidated by using BR deficient mutant or BR insensitive mutants, knowledge of their physiological roles inazuki bean (Vignaangularis) is still limited. The aim of this work is using Yucaizol, a specific BR biosynthesis inhibitor developed in our laboratory, to elucidate the functions of BRs in Vignaangularis growth and development. Specific inhibitors of plant hormone biosynthesis are useful chemical agents to elucidate the functions of plant hormones. In the present work, we used Yucaizol to determine the effects of Yucaizol on growth of Vignaangularis seedlings.Yucaizol significantly inhibits the stem elongation of Vigna angularis seedling. The 50% inhibition of stem elongation of Yucaizol against Vigna angularis seedlings was estimated approximately 0.89 ± 0.2 pmol/plant. Index Terms- Barassinosteriod, Brassinosteroid Biosynthesis Inhibitors, Yucaizol, Plant Hormone.