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LDPC Codes In Defence

Hence comes the importance of Low Density Parity Checking Codes(also called LDPC codes) across various in industries in INDIA as well as across the entire geoid. LDPC Code was developed by Robert Gallager in his Doctoral Dissertation at Massachussets Institute of Technology( MIT ) in the year 1960. Some of the major applications of LDPC codes can be as follows: . CMMB (China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting) . IEEE 802.11n-2009 (Wi-Fi standard), and many more. But this has been the common application of LDPC codes till date, i.e. reducing errors during mobile broadcasting. Now, it can happen that the Defence sector can use it to correct errors in messages that they transmit and receive. Correcting them, they can be converted to ‘Cryptographic Codes’ and each of these codes will possess special words to inform any particular issue. Keywords— LDPC Codes, Mobile Broadcasting, Cryptographic Codes, Parity Check Matrix, Decimal equivalent number.