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Thermal Analysis Of Waste Heat Recovery Unit Using The Exhaust Gas Emitted From Internal Combustion Engine

The heat is emitted from diesel engine after every cycle. This heat goes into waste into the atmosphere. Many notable steps have been taken to reduce the wastage of heat. The research paper focuses on the analysis of the amount of heat dissipated from the experimental setup. So therefore analysis software such as ansys fluent software is used to pictographically view the process. An experimental shell and tube heat exchanger setup has been arranged so as to utilize the waste heat. Instead of being wasted by release into the ambient environment sometimes waste heat ( or cold) can be utilized by another process or a portion of heat that would otherwise be wasted can be reused in the same process if the makeup heat is added to the system ( as with heat recovery ventilation in a building ) Index Terms- Heat, Thermal Analysis, Waste Heat Recovery, Exhaust gas emission.