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Resource Management Stategies In Relation To Achievement And Gender Among Secondary School Students

The objectives of the study were: (i) to study the resource management strategies of Secondary school students, (ii) to study gender differences in the resource management strategies of secondary school students (iii) to study the relationship between resource management strategies and academic achievement of secondary school students.1200 school students of Punjab were administered Motivational Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (Pintrich et al, 1999). The results show that significant differences have not been found between high and low achievers as well as between male and female school students on the various dimensions of resource management strategies; e.g.; time and study environment, peer learning and help seeking dimensions Even the interaction effect of gender and academic achievement was not found to be significant on these dimensions except the effort regulation dimension of resource management strategies. Here the difference between female students of high and low achievers is significant. Key words- Resource Management Strategies, School Students, Academic Achievement