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Effect Of Calcination Parameters On Behavior Of Bone Hydroxyapatite In Artificial Saliva And Its Biosafety

Objective: Being the main inorganic constitution of hard tissues (bone and teeth), calcium phosphates have been attractive in medical and dental applications in hard tissue repair. The evaluation of predicted osteointegration of implant material with bone most often begins with in vitro tests simulating living organism environment. The paper presents the behaviour in artificial saliva of hydroxyapatite (HAp) obtained from pork bone sludge. Methods: Evaluation of physicochemical properties of HAp (raw powders and sinters obtained from meat industry) after immersion in artificial saliva by various characterization techniques (eg. X-ray diffraction (XRD), FTIR, SEM and EDS methods) indicates their potential application in medicine and dentistry. Conclusions: On the basis of bioactivity tests in in vitro conditions, it was found that hydroxyapatite of natural origin exhibits the composition stability during incubation in artificial saliva. Keyword— Hydroxyapatite Natural Origin, Biomaterial, Calcination Process, Artificial Saliva, Incubation.