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Electromyographic Assessment Of Masseter Muscle Activity During Fixed Orthodontic Treatment

Background and objectives: Masticatory muscle forms an integral part in the morphogenesis of the Dentofacial structure.When teeth are moved to a more advantageous and correct occlusal relationship by fixed orthodontic therapy, a normal muscle pattern has to be achieved. Therefore, a need was felt to take up the present study. Methodology: The sample size comprised of thirty subjects, age ranging from 16-25 years. The EMG of the superficial masseter muscle was recorded using Biotech Neurocare 2000 surface electromyography machine. The muscle activity was recorded bilaterally from the superficial masseter during minimum occlusion (MO) and maximum voluntary clenching (MVC). The EMG recording was done at the following intervals: T1- Pre-treatment, T2-60 days, T3-120 days and T4-180 days after the first archwire placement. Results: The data obtained were statistically analysed using ROC curve at P<0.05. A statistically significant decrease (p< 0.01) in the Masseter muscle activity was seen during the initial stages of fixed orthodontic treatment. Conclusion: There was significant difference in the masseter muscular activity during the initial fixed orthodontic treatment. There was a definite structural and functional imbalance observed which has to be taken into consideration during the fixed orthodontic treatment Key words- EMG, Masseter, Fixed Orthodontic therapy