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Potential Of 16 M2 Solar Scheffler Reflectors For Thermal Applications –Experimental Investigation

The Solar concentrating power (CSP) has advantage to provide heat that, it can provide daylong energy for many process applications; and it has significant potential for technological improvement and significant cost reduction. In this work, an experimental study is carried out on a solar concentrating reflector using Scheffler collectors to study its potential applications in thermal processing application. Scheffler Reflector is one of the most promising CSP system which can be used for variety of applications, where localizedquantum of thermal energy is required. The experiments were conducted to measure the pressure and temperature rise in steam header connected to the receivers of the Scheffler reflectors. TwoSchefflers were used in the study and distilled water at atmospheric temperate of 29 oC and with initial weight of the water as 40 kg. From the experimental investigating, it was found that, with beam radiation range of 700 to 850 W/m2 on horizontal surface, the temperature at the steam header rose to 140 to 180 °C. When the solar radiation starts decreasing in the afternoon, the heat input to the system starts decreasing, and thus heat energy stored in the steam header starts losing its energy through receiver’s surfaces and also with other exposed heat exchanging surfaces. The water temperature gradually increased with solar intensity until 10 am in the morning, thereafter sharp rise in the temperature is seen as solar insolation intensifies. The study concludes that the fixed focus concentrators provide an excellent opportunity for low energy applications as they also provide easy installations and operations. IndexTerms— Solar,Solar concentrating power(CSP),Scheffler collectors