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Three-Dimensional Modeling Of The Filling Process In Vartm Including The Fiber Compaction Effect

One of the important processes to fabricate high performance composites is the vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM). In this process, resin is drawn into the mold to impregnate the fiber reinforcement to a form composite. Therefore, resin pressure will increase during the filling process, which reduces the pressure borne by the fibers. As a result of it, the compaction of fiber preform will change accordingly. This study applied the theory of consolidation and flow in a porous medium to have a general model for the three-dimensional VARTM process. The fiber deformation strain in the thickness direction due to the change of compaction pressure is also proposed by relating it to the reinforcement porosity in a simple from. Based on the model analysis, one can predict the pressure, velocity, and laminate thickness for the process, which is coupled with the thermal and curing analysis of the resin. Keywords- Resin transfer moulding; Resin flow; Computational modeling; VARTM