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Investigation Of The Apoptotic Pathway Of Aminostilbene–Arylpropenones Conjugates On A549 Cells

A series of Aminostilbene–Arylpropenones conjugates were prepared previously and the antiproliferative activity of these analogues was evaluated in cell-based assay and amongst, the compounds 3e, 3g and 4e exhibited promising antiproliferative activity with GI50 values <0.01 to 19.9 μM in a panel of 60 human cancer cell lines derived from nine cancer types. These compounds caused the cells to arrest in the G2/M phase of the cell cycle, hence they were examined for potential inhibition of tubulin assembly as well as immunofluroscenec analysis as reported previously. In the present investigation and attempt was made to investigate the apoptotic pathway of these conjugates 3e, 3g and 4e and this apoptotic effects of conjugates were confirmed by Hoechst staining, Annexin-V FITC, Tunnel assay for DNA fragmentation and Reactive oxygen species. Keywords— Aminostilbene–Arylpropenones, Apoptotic pathway.