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Isolation And Heavy Metal Resistance Of Polycylic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Degrading Bacteria From Contaminated Areas With Industrial Wastes

In this study, elevenpolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)-degrading were to isolated from industrial areas and determined the heavy metal tolerance of isolated hydrocarbon-degrating bacterial strains.This isolates were screened for different concentrations ( 5mM, 10mM, 15mM, 20mM, HgCl2). heavy metal resistance against mercury.The result show that YH9-2, YH9-7 and YH9-8 had resistance against HgCl2. However, the most sensitive results were obtained from YH9- 6,YH9-10 and YH9-12 isolates Keywords- PAHs-degration, heavy metals, industrial wastes, resistance