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Radiation Effect On MHD Boundary Layer flow In A Porous Media Saturated By A Nanofluid Over A Non-Linearly Stretching Sheet

This paper accords with radiation consequences on stagnation point flow done with a non-linearly stretching sheet in a porous media immersed in a nanofluid. We also studied the issue of magneto hydrodynamic (MHD) flow of a viscous fluid done with a non-linear stretching sheet in a porous media. Various water based nanoparticles Copper(Cu), Alumina(Al2O3), and Silver(Ag) are taken into consideration. The nonlinear differential equations are solved for variant values of governing parameters by using the function ‘bvp4c’ of MATLAB. The consequences of various parameters such as: solid volume fraction, Eckert number, Prandtl number, Schmidt number, the united porosity and magnetic parameter R and the thermal radiation parameter NR have been discussed. The numerical results obtained for different parameters are perceived through graphs. Comparison with known results is presented and it is found excellent. It is also observed that an increase in thermal radiation NR yields a decrease in the nanofluids temperature Keyword- Nanofluid, Stretching Sheet, Magneto Hydrodynamic, Porous Media, Concentration, Bvp4c.