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Substitution Of Non-Eco friendly Refrigerants By Hydrocarbon Refrigerants: A Review

Due to the growing concern regarding the significant impact of CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs on global warming and ozone depletion the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector has strong need for the experimental data on the use of eco friendly refrigerants. Several environmental regulations have already imposed restrictions on the use of halogenated refrigerants. The paper contains a review on substitution of non-eco friendly refrigerants with HCs from refrigerating systems. HCs have excellent characteristics from environmental as well as thermodynamics point of view. This study contains well organized information on the experimental studies on application of pure and mixtures of HC refrigerants as substitutes in refrigeration systems. Based on the theoretical analysis it is concluded which HC refrigerants are most likely to be used as future options. Keywords— HC refrigerants, Domestic refrigerators, HFC refrigerants, Ozone depletion, Global warming.