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Properties Of Ceiling Boards Produced From A Composite Of Waste Paper And Rice Husk

This research was aimed at reducing and recycling waste paper and rice husk from our environment thereby reducing environmental pollution resulting from the management/disposal of these waste materials. In this research, some physical properties of composite ceiling board materials made from waste paper and rice husk, as developed at the Civil Engineering Laboratory of the Federal Polytechnic Idah, were investigated to determine their suitability for use in low-cost construction work. The results obtained showed that the flexural strength ranged between 0.03N/mm2 and 0.1N/mm2; modulus of elasticity of 1250N/mm2 to 1320N/mm2; water absorption values of between 7.5% and 14.5%; thermal conductivity values of between 0.07kW/MK and 0.082kW/MK as well as density values of 103kg/m3 and 201kg/m3 These values obtained were compared with those of the conventional ceiling boards and it was observed that these composite materials can be used for internal low-cost construction work. It is highly recommended that small and medium enterprises be encouraged to venture into waste recycling and the production of this composite ceiling materials to create jobs for skilled and unskilled labour that are locally available. Keywords—Rice Husk, Waste Paper, Starch, Ceiling Boards, Composite Material.