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Reversible Thermo-Gated Ion Channel Modified By Zinc Oxide-Polydiacetylene

Thermo-responsive ion channel modified by polydiacetylene (PDA)-zinc oxide(ZnO) has been demonstrated. Commercial polycarbonate track etched (PCTE) membrane (diameter: 50 nm) was used for control membrane and zinc oxide was deposited on the membrane surface by using atomic layer deposition method to assemble the PDA vesicles. The temperature responsive behavior of fabricated ion channel was observed by ionic current change in electrochemical method. Bothe pristine PCTE and ZnO-coated PCTE ion channel showed linear current increase according to the rising temperature, while PCTE modified with ZnO-PD A presented certain break point which indicates the interfacial interaction within the PDA assemblies at appropriate temperature. Specially, reversible ion channel gating was found between 30 and70 °C. Keywords— Ion Channel, Thermo-Gated, Polydiacetylene, Zinc Oxide.