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Quantitative And Qualitative Analysis Of Contributed Opinions In A Learning Tool In Herbal Medicine

Learning herbal medicine is an important part in pharmacy curriculum. In Thailand, traditional medicine has been derived from several cultures, e.g., traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) and traditional Chinese medicine. Practitioners including pharmacists need knowledge of herbal medicine. With a limitation of time, it is hard for a student to familiar with several medicinal herbs. To increase understanding in herbal medicine, a multi-lingual and multi-cultural learning tool for herbal medicine should be established. In this paper, KUIHerbRx2015, a Web-based supplement learning tool on herbal medicine, is introduced. The KUIHerbRx2015 supports a collaborative learning to improve knowledge and skills in multicultural herbal medicine with a scientific method. Activities of collecting, contributing new opinions, vote to existed opinions, and providing useful information to the system, were proposed to learn herbal medicine. Moreover, quantitative and qualitative analysis of contributed opinions from students, are evaluated. From the results, students can provide adequate information to the system. However, methods for inputting multi-lingual herb names and quality of references should be improved. Keywords- Collaborative Learning, Herbal Medicine, Learning Tool, Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Analysis