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Serum Homocysteine Level As A Risk Factor For Acute Coronary Syndrome

Acute coronary syndrome is one of the leading cause of all cause mortality as far as cardiac cause of death is concerned. Serum Homocysteine has emerged as one of the independent risk factor for acute coronary syndrome.It causes damage to the endothelium of the arteries and leads to thrombosis . Elevated homocysteine cause endothelial cell injury which induces oxidative stress to the endothelium and reduces nitric oxide, it may also generate free radicals and inhibit production of other antioxidants. Endothelial injury is followed by platelet aggregation and thrombus formation. here my study strongly proves that elevated homocysteine level is really a risk factor for acute coronary syndrome. Keywords - Serum Homocysteine level,Acute Coronary Syndrome,Risk factor.