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Investigating Effective Factors On Delegation Of Decision Rights And Occupational Motivation Of Personnel Of Quchan Mosa-Ebn-Jafar Hospital At 2015

Introduction During recentdecades, many studies have been performed in relation to effective factors in occupational satisfaction and the factors like participation on decision, independence, tasks domain; opportunities for promotion and education level are regarded as related principles. Whereas, many suggestions were pointed in order to identify effective factors on delegation of rights and since delegation of right depends on cultural and traditional factors and it is necessary to research relation between delegation of right and effective factors on it. Method for Implementation The present study as descriptive-correlative has been performed between nurses of QuchanMosa-ebne-Jafar hospital at 2015. In order to collect data, population information questionnaire as well Rounteri checklist of delegation of rights has been used. SPSS 17was used for analysing data and ONE WAY ANOVA statistical and Spearman tests have been used in order to determine correlation and KMO statistics have been used in order to determine effective factors on occupational satisfaction. Findings: statistical findings show direct and meaningful relation between delegation of decision rights and occupational satisfaction, (p=0/001, r=0/311), also, there is significant relation between occupational motivation to empowerment process of personnel and their participation on decision (r=0/628, p=0.000). And there is significant relation between delegation of decision rights to culture and traditionalism of nurses of QuchanMosa –ebne-Jafar Hospital (r=0/718, p=0/000), KMO statistics shows effectiveness some of factors on occupational satisfaction of nurses of QuxhanMosa-ebne-Jafar hospital. Suggestions Since the findings show direct and significant relation between delegation of rights and occupational satisfaction, it is necessary that the managers consider about delegation of decision rights and increase personal satisfaction and occupational satisfaction of personnel and ultimately increase their efficiency more. Keywords- Delegation of Decision rights, Occupational Stimulation, Nurses, Discussion