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Cross-Lingual Name Entity Transliteration System

Name Entity Translation has become a major challenge for Machine Translation systems, especially when languages are from different script. Through this paper, we are proposing a system which aims to convert proper nouns from one Indian Language into another Indian Language with English as intermediate language. We call the proposed system as Cross-Lingual Name-Entity transliteration system (CLNET). We have employed the hybrid approach for machine transliteration of proper nouns from English to Indian Languages and vice-versa. The hybrid approach is a combination of direct mapping, Gazetteer search, rule based approach. We have implemented approximately 1000+ rules with help of linguist to improve accuracy of transliteration. Rigorous testing was done on test data covering proper nouns, person names, location names. The system found to give accuracy of about 80%. Index Terms— Cross Lingual Information Retrieval, Forward Transliteration, Name Entity Transliteration, Natural language Processing, Reverse Transliteration.