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Study Of Adulteration In Transportation Fuel

Kerosene is common adulterant which is used for mixing with diesel and petrol. Five fuel-adulterant mixtures in different proportions by volume were prepared and individually tested for density and kinematic viscosity. In this research paper the mixtures were administered to transportation vehicles and the tail pipe exhaust emission was tested for opacity value. The variation in density did not observe at different level of adulteration so to find out the adulteration density test is not sufficient even at higher adulteration. The value of kinematic viscosity decreases at higher level of adulteration Considerable decrease in kinematic viscosity, a departure from prescribed viscosity, was noted at higher adulteration level. In small level of adulterant the value of opacity also decreases which can be observed by opacity meter. The density test is not sufficient for testing of adulteration in transportation vehicles. The value of opacity and kinematic viscosity can show result diesel adulteration test parameters. Keywords- Adulteration, Diesel, Kerosene, Petrol, Transportation