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Some Effects Of Natural Indigo Dyes On Grey Hair

Indigoferratinctoria L. (IT) and BaphicacanthuscusiaBrem. (BC) are source of blue colourant which contain 3% of indigo measurement by UV spectrophotometry. Grey hair treatment with IT or BC diluted in water for 1-5 h and then randomly sampled to be analyzing with hair tensile by texture analyzer. Young’s modulus of each stress, showed grey hair treated with IT or BC liquid concentrates slightly altered the Young’s modulus of the hair. Hair elongation after treated with water was 39.5 ± 5.9 g while those treated with IT and BC concentrates being 31.1 ± 2.8 and 35.5 ± 4.7 g. IT was significantly different from BC and water (p = 0.04).The adsorption profiles of indigo by the grey hair follows the Freundlich equation, i.e. linearly correlated for indigo and IT solutions (r ≥ 0.96), suggesting that the adsorption could be a result of monolayer. IT and BC are natural extract from plant show effect on grey hair. This study would be a model of study to investigate effect of natural dye on hair. Keywords— Indigo, UV spectrophotometry, Young’s modulus, Adsorption.