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The Effect Of Sewage Sludge On Yield And Quality Of Potatoes

The main objective of the present study is the assessment of the effect gained by using sewage sludge on potatoes productivity and quality. With this regard, long-term field experiment with sewage sludge used on agricultural land was realized. The experiments were carried out in Covasna area, Covasna county, Romania. In order to identify the most suitable quantity concerning the used sewage sludge dose, soil chemical characterization was first realized. After, a practice-oriented experiment design was chosen and potato local plant specie was arranged in a Latin rectangle with five repetitions. In this way resulted different experimental field plots with distinctive doses concerning the used sewage sludge: 2.5 tonnes, 4 tonnes and 1 tonne. For one experimental filed plot no fertilizer was used, while for another one, chemical fertilizer was applied. The final results provide important evidence concerning the influence of sludge-fertilized treatments on potatoes productivity. Between all investigated scenarios, it was demonstrated that a dose of 25 t/ha sewage sludge used is ensuring the highest productivity level and the entire potatoes crop requirement of nitrogen. Index Terms- quality, potatoes, productivity, sludge.