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Investigating The Role Of Media On Education Of Professional Citizens

Modern democracies need an educated citizenry to survive and to thrive. This concept seeks to promote the fundamental principles of democracy among the people so, the training of citizenship components is so important. Because of the undeniable influence of media on people's mind and attitude, in recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the role of media specially the role of press in people lives. The aim of this study is to survey the effect of media in the education of citizenship. A number of 232professional citizenships of Bushehrcity, which participate actively in society, working in non-governmental institutions and readers of local and national press, are selected with the use of cluster sampling method. For collecting the data a researchconstructed questionnaire is used. The method of this study is descriptive of survey type. The analyzing data indicated that there is a meaningful relationship between the role of mass media and the education of professionals' citizenship including knowledge, beliefs and participatory skills while the correlation coefficient between the study of press and teaching the intellectual skills of citizenship is not meaningful. Keywords - Citizenship, Citizens Training and Education, Press, Mass media.