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The Characterization Of Boundary Layer Flow In The Maghnetohydrodynamic Micropolar Fluid Past A Solid Sphere

This paper concerned with the issues magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), namely mathematical modeling and the characterization of boundary layer flow in the micropolar fluid past a solid sphere. Governing dimensional equations formed from the physical state and the reduced by using the theory of the boundary layer. Governing dimensional equations formed is the continuity equation, momentum equation and energy equation. Governing dimensional equation that has been obtained is then converted into a non-dimensional equations with variables substituted for non - dimensional. The equation of non - dimensional subsequently transformed into similiar equations and solved numerically using the Keller-Box. We obtain the characteristics of fluid flow will be analyzed such as the velocity distribution, skin friction, and microrotation. This research has revealed that the velocity distributions increase and the microrotation decrease when the value of magnetic variable, M increases and micropolar parameter, K increase. Keywords- Micropolar fluid, MHD, Boundary Layer, Keller Box Method 2010 Mathematics Subject Clasification : 76-XX Fluid Mechanics {} for General Continuum Mechanics.