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Chlorophyll Content And Chlorophyll Fluorescence In Canola Cultivars In Response To Salinity

The effects of salinity (NaCl) stress on chlorophyll content and chlorophyll fluorescence in the leaves of seven canola (Brassica napul L.) cultivars were studied. Results show that salt stress enhances chlorophyll content especially last days of growth season. Among the cultivars Sarigol had lowest level of chlorophyll content. Fm/Fv ratio for this cultivar was lowest under mild stress level. But for Comet and SW5001 high stress condition had more powerful effect of Fm/Fvwhich decreased the ratio. On the other hand, 51 days after salinity imposition, Cracker and Sarigol indicated highest ratio of Fm/Fv. Keywords- Chlorophyll, Canola, Salinity, Stress.