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Study Effect Of Mycorrhiza Fungi And Drought On Plant Nutrient Up Take By Green Bean

Use of biological fertilizers in agricultural systems are important spatially in promoting sustainable production and maintain soil fertility .To investigate the effect of improving the nutritional status of green bean by mycorrhiza fungi in this study was done a randomized complete block design in a factorial experiment. Drought factor at 3 levels (T0,T1,T2) and Mycorrhiza fungi inoculated at three levels (no inoculation=F0, F1 and F2) in 4 replicates . The medium of loamy sand were used. The results showed that effects of drought stress , mycorrhiza fungi and their interaction on N,P and K was significant. Drought stress had significant effect on phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen concentration. By increasing drought stress from FC (control) to 0.25FC percent field capacity, the content of these elements in leaves tissues were increased. Study Showed that the highest nitrogen treatment was related to T0F2 and Lowest nitrogen treatments to F0T1.The results showed that the highest potassium treatment was related to T2F2 and Lowest treatments to T0F1. The results showed that the highest P treatment was related to T2F1 . Keyword- Green bean, Drought, Mycorrhiza fungi, Biological fertilizers