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Comparison Of Natural And Synthetic Carotenoids: Effect On Yolk Colour And Oxidative Stability Of Yolk Lipids

Two experiments were performed to evaluate the effect of synthetic and natural carotenoids on the daily output of eggs and some parameters of their quality. The hens were fed a control diet and diets supplemented with synthetic carotenoids Carophyll® Red and Carophyll® Yellow, lutein, algae Chlorella, and mustard meal. Carotenoids had no effect on hen-day egg production. Both synthetic and natural carotenoids significantly increased the intensity of yolk colour. Lutein increased the redness of yolks, whereas Chlorella increased the yellowness. Carophylls, lutein and Chlorella significantly improved the oxidative stability of yolk lipids. Feed supplementation with Carophylls and lutein significantly increased content of β-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin in egg yolks. It can be concluded that (i) lutein and Chlorella are alternatives to synthetic carotenoids, and (ii) the use of Chlorella is more advantageous from an economical point of view than that of lutein. Index Terms- Carotenoids, Yolk colour, Oxidative stability, Chlorella.