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An Assessment On SBR Operation By Observing The Do And ORP Variation At Advanced Shipboard Sewage Treatment

The objective of this study is evaluation of SBR operation by observing the DO and ORP change at advanced shipboard sewage treatment to achieve the standard of IMO MEPC. 227(64).Two operation conditions in SBR process were evaluated. Condition 1 was conducted with aeration 90mins, sedimentation 30 mins, mixing 15mins and sedimentation 15 mins. Condition 2 was conducted with aeration 360 mins, mixing 120 mins and settling period was omitted. In Condition 1, DO and ORP were slowly dropped after aeration period and minimum value were too high. On the other hand, Condition 2, DO and ORP were relatively dropped rapidly after aeration period. Therefore, Condition 2 is more appropriate than Condition 1 for sewage treatment (especially total nitrogen removal).Since it is better to change the condition in SBR reactor(aeration→anoxic) than condition. Index Terms- Advanced shipboard sewage treatment, SBR, DO, ORP.