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Low Cost surface Plasmon Resonance

A very low cost surfaceplasm on resonance (LC-SPR)based on 3D printer technology is developed. The system consists of a detecting unit, a signal processing unit and an own designed software on PC. The detecting part includes a 650nm laser source, a photodiode, two SGSP YAW-100, Au coated sheer glass, a triangular prism, and other components were printed by a 3D printer. The signal processing unit comprises an analog amplification circuit and an open source hardware Arduino Mega2560 board as the MCU. The own designed software on PC has been developed to control the whole system. The total cost of this SPR is less than 10,000 RMB. The performance and stability had been tested by detecting the resonance angle in air and water. The results showed LC-SPR has high performance and stability. Keywords - Surface Plasmon Resonance, 3D printer, Arduino.