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Variation Of The Dynamic Viscosity With Temperature Of Some Selected SAE 20w-50 Engine Oils In Nigeria

The variation of the dynamic viscosity with temperature of five brands of SAE 20w-50 engine oils in Nigeria has been investigated. The brands are A-Z, AMMASCO, Mobil, Expresso, and Oando. Essentially, the viscosity was measured by means of Brookfield viscometer at the temperatures of 0 oC, 10 oC, 40 oC, 7 0 oC and 10 0 oC. The dynamic viscosity was found to non-linearly decrease with increase in temperature. The highest viscosity of 395.6 cP was measured at 0 oC, while the lowest of 43.2 cP was recorded at 100 oC . Also, each brand exhibit a unique peculiarity in the manner it.s viscosity changes with temperature. Keywords- Dynamic viscosity, Non-Newtonian Fluids, SAE 20w-50 engine oils