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Designing Fractional Ts Observers For A Class Of Fractional Model Of The Blood Glucose For Type I Diabetes

This paper presents an approach to design fractional observer for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model of the Blood glucose regulation based on the sector nonlinearity method. Used the Properties of the Kronecker product and LMI approach, the observer and the controller is derived in this paper. Both of the blood sugar glucose and glucagon are considered in the model of diabetes. The main contribution of the proposed model and observer compared to the other is the direct effect of insulin and glucagon on each other and reverse the effects of glucose from the foods. The stability of the closed loop system and convergence of the observer error to zero are discussed. The simulation results show the promising performance of the model and the observer. Keywords- TS Fuzzy Model; TS Observer; Fractional System; Type I Diabetes; The Sector Nonlinearity Approach.