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Determination Of Concentration Of Some Heavy Metals In Roadside Dust In Damaturu Metropolis Which Causes Environmental Pollution

Concentration of heavy metals (iron, lead, chromium and cadmium) was determined in road side dust samples. Roadside dusts were randomly collected from five roundabouts in Damaturu and digested. The digested sample solutions were analyzed using LaMotte smart spectrophotometer V2.0.11.04, 2000 model, U.S.A., for the determination of concentrations of Pb, Cd, Cr and Fe. Replicate analyses were carried out on each of the sample. Concentration of iron was found to be the highest in the samples collected, followed by cadmium, chromium, and lead in that order. Although, the main source of these heavy metals is the exhaust from motor vehicles. Other sources, such as roadside deposition of motor engine oil, battery wastes, car tires, use of metal containing pesticides to protect road side grasses, trees and flowers, the presence of iron benders, welders and electricians discharging metals with the environment and indiscriminate dumping of refuse on the roadside could also contribute significantly. Keywords- Heavy Metals, Roadside Dust, Spectrophotometer And Damaturu.