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Role Of Interleukin-6 (-174 G/C) Gene Promoter Polymorphism And Il-6 Levels In Risk Prediction Of Coronary Artery Disease In Young Pakistani Subjects

IL-6 is a pleiotropic cytokine which actively participates in the immune-inflammatory process underlying the pathogenesis of CAD.The most widely studied of these is the -174 G/C variant in the IL-6 gene promoter region. there is still paucity of studies reporting the effect of the IL-6 gene promoter SNP -174 G/C (Rs1800795) on the serum IL-6 levels and the risk prediction of CAD in Premature coronary artery disease patients of Pakistan. Hence, we sought to assess the role of the IL-6 gene promoter SNP -174 G/C(Rs1800795) and IL-6 serum levels in the diagnosis and risk prediction of PCAD patients. Keywords- Interleukin-6, Promoter Polymorphism, Coronary Artery Heart disease.