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Study Of Humidity Sensing Behavior Of An Organic Composite Vopcpho: P3ht Prepared By Elecrospinning Technique

We report on study of the applications of electrospun organic composite materials for humidity sensing measurements. For the purpose, the humidity sensing properties of VOPcPhO:P3HT electrospun based humidity sensing devices has been investigated. A 5 wt% of the polymer composites undergone electrospinning process that subsequently forming novel structured thin film composite to serve the active sensing layer of the device. The presence of highly porous microbeads and fiborous microstructure has provided an effective base for the entrapment of water molecules amid the high humidity surrounding. By the virtue of this novel structured composite layer, further investigation of these sensor devices would be very interesting, and hopefully to be able to overcome the limitations possessed by the organic polymer based sensing device. Keywords- Humidity Sensor, Electrospinning, Thin Film, Organic Polymer, Composite, Semiconductor.