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Variability Of Aerosol Optical, Physical And Radiative Properties At Seven Asian Aeronet Stations During March 2012 Dust Event

Aerosol optical, physical and radiative properties at seven Asian Aerosol Robotic Network (AERONET) stations during the dust storm event of March 2012 have been analysed. Highest aerosol optical depth (AOD500 nm) observed at these seven AERONET stations may be due to the combined effect of natural (desert dust) and anthropogenic aerosols, thus, indicating the strong influence of dust storm induced aerosols. Aerosol system is a complex mixture of fine- and coarsemode aerosols with coarse-mode exerting a strong influence on the system at the AERONET stations in India and Pakistan. However, it comprises of coarse-mode aerosols at KAUST_Campus and Mezaira since the origin of dust outbreak is Arabian Desert. The observed large differences in top of the atmosphere (TOA) and bottom of the atmosphere (BOA) radiative forcing demonstrate that the solar radiation is being absorbed within the atmosphere corresponding to the heating of the atmosphere while at same time the earths’ surface becomes cooler which can substantially alter the atmospheric stability and influence the dynamic system of the atmosphere. Keywords- Aerosol optical depth, AERONET, Aerosol system, Radiative forcing