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Biomaterial Sorbents For Antimony And Tellurium Removal

The present work investigates antimony and tellurium sorption using iron-modified natural materials (peat, straw, sawdust, moss, reed, and sand). The results were obtained using batch tests, and the sorption was studied as a function of initial metalloid concentration, pH and temperature. The optimal pH interval for the sorption of Sb(III) is 6.5–9 and for Sb(V) – 3–6, while tellurium sorption using Fe-modified materials is favourable in a wider interval of 3–9. The impact of temperature on the metalloid sorption capacity of Fe-modified peat was tested at four temperatures: 275 K, 283 K, 298 K, and 313 K. The sorption capacity increased with increase in temperature for all of the studied metalloids. The calculated thermodynamic parameters suggest that the sorption process is of a spontaneous nature and endothermic. Keywords- Antimony, Biomaterial Sorbents, Metalloids, Sorption, Tellurium.