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Eco-Friendly Road Transport System

Electric vehicles are very important need to the world in present situation of environment, limited fossil fuel resource and problems of road transportation. Many R&D works are going on all over the world to substitute fuel cell, Hydrogen fuel, hybrid, battery operated vehicles for fossil fuel based vehicles but due to their limitations it has not become practical .This paper gives a new solution to the Indian roads where the trick is to use ultra capacitor buses and turn some bus stops into charge stations. Unlike a conventional trolley bus that has to continually touch an overhead power line, ultra capacitor buses take big sips of electricity every two or three miles at designated charging stations, which double as bus stops. When at these stations, a collector on the top of the bus rises a few feet and touches an overhead charging line. Within seconds, the ultra capacitor banks stored under the bus seats are fully charged .The power saved is more than 40 % compared to the regular electric trolley buses. Apart from this, back up charging is done by the energy produced by regenerative braking and solar panel bus stops.