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Preparation Of Indium Antimonide And Its Characterization

The pure indium antimonide (InSb) compound was prepared by employing a directional freezing technique. The pre homogenized InSb sample was used for further synthesis. Required parameters and experimental conditions were optimized. The prepared InSb was processed in 1000 class clean room conditions and loaded in sample tube for further purification process. The sample was subjected to melting and freezing process for fifteen passes- 3cycle and each cycle of 3 hour duration to obtain 4N+ purity level of indium antimonide (InSb) crystalline ingot. The purified sample was characterized for purity and crystalline quality through ICP-OES and XRD techniques respectively and results were discussed. Key words- Indium Antimonide, Directional Freezing , Characterization And Homogenization.