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Vibration Of Floor Caused By Internal Sources

Excessive floor vibration due to walking load is an important serviceability condition to be considered in building design. It has become a greater problem as new rhythmic activities, thinner floor decks, less structural damping and long span floor structure have become more common. The problems associated with floor vibration are not new. In 1828 tredgold wrote “girders should always be made as deep as they can to avoid the inconvenience of not being able to move on the floor without shaking everything in the room”. A simple floor deflection criterion (deflection of less than span/360 under distributed live load) has been used to control “excessive shaking” for more than 100 years. But now a days as the vibration problems become more critical this approach does not work. However, new guidelines that address and deal with these problems have been introduced recently. One of the guidelines is “Design guide on the vibration of floors”, made by The Steel Construction Institute, UK .The objective of my work is to study the guideline and to develop a different approach to check the acceptability of floor subjected to walking load. The new approach is based on the dynamic analysis of a beam subjected to a moving load.