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Estimation Of Lead And Other Elements In Contaminated Soil Of Bagega In Anka Local Government Area Of Zamfara State, Nigeria

Energy Dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) techniques was used to Estimate the lead contaminated soil collected from Bagega processing and mining sites, been one of the villages affected by the epidemic of heavy metals poisoning especially lead (Pb) in Zamfara State, Nigeria. Lead is a radioactive Isotope (radionuclide), a daughter product from polonium-210 as a result of alpha emission. This radionuclide when incorporated into the tissue/organ posed a significant risk to the human body, such as radiation induced syndromes especially to the children. The experiment was carried out at the material science laboratory of the Centre for Energy Research and Training (CERT), Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria. The result obtained shows the existence of the following elements at the two sampling sitesSi, Pb, Fe, Al, Rb, Ti, K, S, Ca and Cd. The order of concentration in both samples is as follows: Si>Pb>Fe>Rb>Al>Cd>K>Ti>Ca>S. Key Words: Heavy metals, X-ray Fluorescence, Contamination, Soil.