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Wastewater Treatment Facility Of Hideco Sugar Milling Company (Hisumco) In Kananga, Leyte Philippines: A Key To Environmental Management

A sugar manufacturing industry in Kananga Leyte, discharges 3020 m3 of wastewater daily. The raw wastewater has a very high pH (12), contains a lot of suspended solids (1500 mg/L) and has a very high oxygen demand for biological degradation of organic and inorganic microorganism. This waste if discharged untreated would harm the environment. The BOD-COD ratio of the raw wastewater; it appears that the water is composed of highly biodegradable organic matters that an application of a biological treatment process like an activated sludge process is highly suitable.From the comparisons between the effluent parameters values and the respective DENR effluent standards, it was drawn out that HISUMCO effluent has passed the DENR’s standards; therefore, HISUMCO wastewater treatment facility in the form of an activated sludge is efficient in treating their highly organic wastewater from sugar processing with an overall plant efficiency of 98.5%. Keywords: Activated sludge, biological treatment, BOD, biological degradation, Philippines