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The Effect Of Atmosphere Conditions On Performance Of Free Space Optics In Malaysia At 1550nm

This paper presents the effect of atmosphere condition on performance of free space optics in Malaysia at 1550nm. The comparison of haze attenuations in FSO between September 2007 andJune2013 at Petaling Jaya region. The large-scale air quality disaster occur that effect widespread atmosphere visibility due to fires in Sumatra forest is the reason on choosing haze effect on June 2013. This paper also compared between the distance of FSO transmission for 300m and 500m distance in rain condition. The data for visibility for both years’ data of rain intensity are obtained from Malaysia Metrological Department (MMD). This project uses LASER as a transmitter and PIN photodiode as a receiver with wavelength 1550nm. The results were found to be satisfactory. For haze condition, FSO transmission on June 2013 produces the worse signal performance than transmission on September 2007. For rain condition, the FSO transmission for 300m distance produce the better quality signal than transmission for 500m distance where at 500m distance, the BER value is 10-2 which produce the bad quality signals at receiver. Keywords- Atmosphere Condition, Quality Disaster, Widespread Atmosphere.