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A Possible Water Depth Measuring System Using Ultrasonic Wave

-To measure the depth of water or detection of obstacle present inside the water, a simple technical method is used. In this method, transducer of both transmitter and receiver are placed just below the surface of water. Ultrasonic wave are generated by the generator using piezoelectric crystal as transducer. This ultrasonic sound vibration is transmitted for few microseconds into water. The transmitted pulses are either reflected from the bottom surface of water or reflection due to any obstacle present inside the water. The reflected pulses are received introducing some time delay, by using the same transducer. By measuring the time delay between transmitted and received pulse, we can decide the depth of water by using the formula- Speed = Distance / time (m/s) Distance (depth) in meter = 1480 * time in second (ultrasonic velocity in water is 1480 m/s.)