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Preparation Of Nano Licaalf6 Via Wet Chemical Method

—Fluorides are the important class of materials which are useful for various optical applications such as solid state laser, scintillator, thermoluminescence dosimetry phosphors, photostimulable phosphor etc. Synthesis of fluoride phosphor at nano scale is tricky due to various complex processes involved in it. Techniques such as sol-gel synthesis, solvothermal synthesis etc. to prepare complex fluoride material of nanometer size were reported in recent years but these methods have their own drawback. Preparation of complex nanofluorides including several constituents is even more difficult to prepare by using these methods. A novel simple wet chemical method for synthesis of nano LiCaAlF6 is reported in the paper. LiCaAlF6 is a colquirite type mixed metal fluoride material which has been investigated extensively in recent years for its optical applications such as thermoluminescence dosimeter, window material in VUV region, scintillator etc. Formation of nano LiCaAlF6 is confirmed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and by comparing the X-ray diffraction pattern of nano and bulk material. The influence of thermal treatment on emission properties prepared samples is discussed and the usefulness of a wet-chemistry route for synthesis of nano fluoride phosphors is argued Keywords — Photoluminescence, Fluorides, Wet chemical method , Nanomaterials.