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Electrical Characterization Of Pure And Doped With Ferric Chloride Polyvinyl Alcohol Thin Films

Polyvinyl alcohol films of different thickness and also of 120 micron PVA films doped with ferric Chloride upto (5%wt) were prepared in order to investigate the effect of ferric Chloride addition on the electrical properties of PVA host. The dielectric permittivity, dielectric loss, and ac conductivity were studied in the frequency range 100 Hz -100kHz at room temperature about 300 c . The dielectric permittivity , dielectric loss , and ac conductivity σ, were determined using the measured values of capacitance and dissipation factor. It is found that the value of decreases with increase in frequency and increases with the film thickness while dielectric loss shows variation with frequency ,for ferric Chloride doped films the values of & vary anomalously with increasing the content of ferric Chloride .The a.c. conductivity of pure PVA films increases with the films thickness and varies almost linearly with frequency further it is also found that there is a variation in conductivity of Ferric Chloride doped PVA film with increase in Ferric Chloride Concentration.The ac conductivity σ is found to obey the power law Bωs .The frequency expoential factor is found to vary between 0.92 and 0.45,dependant on the content of FeCl3. Keywords: Polymer thin films (PVA), Dielectric permittivity , Dielectric Loss and a.c conductivity σ