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Structural And Optical Properties Of Cdse Thin Films Prepared By Spray Pyrolysis Technique

1000 nm. The values of the optical band gap energy, Eg, calculated from the absorption, range between 1.69 eV & 1.72 eV. The thickness of CdSe thin films were found to be 0.73 µm and 0.77 µm by weighing method. The optical band CdSe thin films have been deposited on glass substrate in aqueous solution by Spray Pyrolysis Technique. The Structural and Optical properties of deposited films were studied using X-ray diffraction and UV – VIS spectrometry. X – ray diffraction analysis indicates that the films are polycrystalline, having hexagonal structure. The grain sizes of CdSe deposited films are small. The optical absorption spectra of CdSe deposited films were studied in the wave length range of 380 gap energy was found to increase with increase in films thickness. Keywords:- CdSe, Polycrystalline thin films, optical and structural properties.