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Structural And Magnetic Study Of Nickel Doped Nanocrystalline Z Hexaferrite With Increase In Temperature

The synthesis of nanocrystalline Z-type Hexaferrite Sr3Ni2Fe24O41 powders by conventional ceramic method at two different temperature 600°C and 800°C has been investigated and consequently, low temperature sintering and good magnetic properties were achieved. The phase identification of the sample was carried out by XRD. The microstructure of the sintered sample was studied by SEM indicates that the ferrite formed are hexagonal shape having crystalline size in the range of 90nm to 100nm. Magnetic properties were discussed by M-H curve using Hysteresis loop tracer and it is found that with increasing in sintering temperature coercivity as well as retentivity of Hexaferrite increases whereas saturation magnetization remains same. Index Terms— Hexaferrite, ceramic, XRD, microstructure, magnetization.