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Statistical Analysis Of Stress Level Of Primary School Teachers

A Primary Teacher shapes the destiny of the nation. His job is very important in shaping young population of a nation. These teachers are managing co-curricular activities, administrative work like examination, some organizational work like maintaining registers etc. Also they are being involved in many activities undertaken by the state and central government; like, family planning awareness programme, village education programme, adult education programmes, election duties and various surveys including census. These tasks are made mandatory for them. Thus, a primary teacher shares some social responsibilities along with his regular job of teaching. A sample survey was conducted in Private Schools and Zilha Parishad (ZP) Schools in Nagpur district to study whether the primary school teachers are professionally stressed because of this extra work and to know whether there is a difference between their stress levels. The paper brings out the analysis of the survey data which was carried out by using standard statistical methods. Index Terms: ZP, Standard scores, Percentile scores, T-scores, box-plot, Q-Q plot.